Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Chaotic Middle

After buying the bed and dresser, we have four days to get the boys' rooms ready, two bedrooms and a computer room to de-junk. The plan is the normal pitch, donate or organize routine. Also Rick's bedroom is in great need of painting.

We start with Rick's room. Do you know how much stuff can be stuffed under a bed, stacked on the unused upper bunk and hidden in a closet? I commandeered the dining room table for sorting and stacking and the sitting room for holding what would be returned to the rooms. His empty laundry basket is soon brimming with "found" clothes. We carry bag after bag out to the garbage can and we start filling up boxes for the church's rummage sale. Hubby commences with leading the boys in painting, beginning with patching a few mysterious holes in the wall. As we paint, Ricky decides that he wants the computer room for his bedroom, so that is the next room to de-junk. The garbage can is overflowing, the boxes for the rummage sale stack up and we add more "treasures" to the dining room table to organize. Finally we tackle the last bedroom, resulting in the use of two back-up garbage cans.

If you think I'm exaggerating about the chaos, here is the proof. I almost didn't post these pictures because it was so bad. I couldn't bear to take pictures of the donations and the trash cans!

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Lucy said...

It looks SO much better than the crazy places one sees on CleanSweep! I had to quit letting my children watch the show with me because they'd start looking around and saying things like "You know, we could just haul everything out in the yard on tarps and then get REALLY organized!" They kinda scared me. Fortunately, at ages 7,6,3 they're never home alone.

I remember when my parents left me home alone for one day when I was twelve. I cleaned my bedroom, my brother's room, stripped all the wallpaper and painted one of the rooms, and then switched the rooms. When my parents came home, all my Dad had to do was reassemble the bedframes. My brother was thrilled because his new room was clean and organized. My parents were completely stunned and unnerved. Even now, they hesitate to leave me alone in their house. Afterall, ya just never know!