Wednesday, August 24, 2005

What's happening here

I've had blog posts rolling around my head for several days now, but just haven't had the time to write.

Here's an edit I made to a newsletter job recently.
Submitted copy: ...a quick and easy way to impact your cost mitigation agenda.
Revised copy: ...a quick and easy way to reduce costs.
So, as you can imagine, this project is taking longer than anticipated.

School started yesterday. My sophomore sons came home brimming with good cheer, burbling about the classes, the teachers, their friends. I am so blessed not to have sullen teenagers, although they have their moments.

Date Update: The girl never returned Ron's call, despite his follow-up calls. She always had to go somewhere or do something and would call him back. So he has not yet had a first date. Instead he and his brother went to an early movie and then shopping at the mall to spend their birthday money. We are a little relieved because we now think 16 is still too young to date, but I wish the girl would have had the courtesy to tell him yes or no. I guess she still needs to learn how to decline a date graciously.

Garden is looking fine for late August except for the damage done by the dastardly grasshoppers. We are having a plague!

I'll try to post about the canoe saga, involving a transient and the sheriff, soon. (This teaser probably overstates the drama.)


Jordana said...

We've had some grasshopper damage, along with Japanese beetle damage and of course, no rain. My garden is pretty miserable looking, but I keep watering, in the hopes that my perennials will survive. So far I've only lost a few.

Jennifer said...

Reading your post, I'm feeling a twinge of guilt going back to my college days. I'm afraid I was guilty several times of doing the same thing that this young lady is. For me it was shyness and lack of self confidence, but it was also that noone ever did tell me how important it was to decline with grace.

I am also reminded of how important it is that I try to teach my boys how important it is to take young ladies' feelings to heart and to also decline in a gentlemanly way if they are not interested. Fortunately I think I have a few years:-)

Renee Wright said...

I was just about to post something critical of the young girl who hadn't called Ron back when I read Jennifer's post and was hit with a painful remembrance that perhaps I too had behaved similarly. Like Jennifer, I was extremely shy, but I just had no idea of how to gracefully decline. Further, I think that I enjoyed the boy's company in a group and as a friend, but the idea of him asking me out and starting to develop a romantic relationship one-on-one wasn't appealing. So I simply froze. I deferred. I ducked his calls. I could empathize almost palpably with his rejection, and so didn't want to deliver it.

Earth Girl said...

Renee, I suspect the girl had the same thoughts as you. Ron said she is just a friend but he wanted to get to know her better. This friend was probably afraid of moving from friendship to romance.

Renee said...

Hey, we're still waiting on the canoe episode post that you mentioned at the end of this post...