Saturday, August 13, 2005

"You sure are a good cook, Mrs. Earth Girl" said one of my son's friends to me. I thanked him with a spontaneous smile and a welling pride.

Yes, I am a good cook. I learned from the best - my mother - and then honed my skills through Joy of Cooking, experimentation, observation and experience. Some of the dishes I prepared last week were pasta with pesto, chicken, and red peppers; spinach and ham quiche; apple coleslaw; polenta with portabello mushrooms; orange chicken salad. None qualify as gourmet, I suppose, but all were healthy and delicious and appreciated by my family.

I enjoy getting an idea for a dish, reading several recipes and then creating my own version. I remember getting upset with my mother when I was first married because she couldn't give me her soup recipe. She made the best soups ever but each time it was different based on ingredients on hand and whatever captured her fancy. I understand now and employ some of her basic soup-making techniques (homemade stock, fresh ingredients, and seasonings other than just salt and pepper).

So I was pleased that this teenager noticed my cooking. But pride goeth before a fall. He then added, "You make the best macaroni and cheese." That dish, dear reader(s), was not my recipe using bechamel sauce and several types of cheese, but it was prepared by my son using the Kraft Macaroni and Cheese box.


Lucy said...


Make sure you realize that what he was really telling you was "I feel comfortable around your table, I'm amazed and grateful that you feed me anything, I like it here, I don't know how to say all that outloud"

Lee Anne said...

Reminds me of one of my daughter's little friends when she was in 5th grade. Who gushed, "You make the BEST grilled-cheese sandwiches, Mrs. Jones." Tell me, HOW can you mess up a grilled-cheese sandwich?