Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Sweet Sixteen

The twins turn 16 tomorrow. Every year is the "last" year for a party. So we are having a few guys over for swimming, movies, pizza, and games. Even though they are spending the night, it is no longer called a sleepover 'cause that is for kids.

"No dating until you are 16" has been our long-standing rule. Since they will have male guests when they turn 16, Ron asked a girl to a movie and dinner the next night. He didn't waste any time and all his father and I can do is look at each other in confusion. Of course, Mom has to drive and the girl hasn't accepted yet. He's trying to determine where to take her for dinner. "It has to be a nice place but not too nice." He decided against Burger King and is leaning toward a Chinese restaurant.

Oh, and he asked for money for his birthday to finance this date. He'll soon discover that dating can be expensive in several ways.


Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday to your boys. And my prayers are with all of you as you enter a whole new world of dating and driving. My boys are only 5 and 2, but I know that in the blink of an eye that we will be where you are, and it sure seems overwhelming and amazing all at the same time.

Lucy said...

I've been using the arbitrary rule of "you'll have to wait until you're sixteen" a lot lately. It seems so far away when mine are 7,5,3.

Yesterday I found myself saying "You'll have to wait until you're sixteen to go mountain climbing." Ron looked at me suspiciously and asked "Is that really the law (like driving)?"

Renee said...

So how did the date go? Did she accept, and what restaurant did he choose? Inquiring minds want to know!