Saturday, February 10, 2007

Colts Shirts

The excitment was reaching a feverish pitch last Sunday as the boys prepared to go to their respective Super Bowl parties. Having a Colts hat was not enough and I didn't have the supplies to paint their bodies, so they begged me at the last hour to go shopping to buy jerseys. Being a mean mommy, I said no. Then Ron had the idea of printing out pictures and pinning them to their clothes. I mentioned that you can buy computer transfer paper and create your own iron-on decals for shirts. So a quick run to Office Depot and we were in business.

I stood back and watched them in amazement. They haven't been interested in "crafts" for many years but they enjoyed this. I was also amazed at how quickly Ron picked up Photoshop: Layers, check. Image adjustment, check. Lasso tool, check. Text boxes, check. They created three t-shirts, one for each of them plus one as a gift for their host.

Tell me, what is the secret with teenagers? Why do they roll their eyes one day at such an activity and then feverishly engage in it another day?

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