Friday, October 26, 2007

Apple Taste Test

My usual source of apples, my brother Tim, had a poor year, so I stopped at an orchard on the way home from work earlier this week. I bought Cameos and MacIntosh and then sorted through a bin of "seconds" for a large bag of Honey Crisps at only 50 cents a pound! I already had a few Jonathon apples, so I set up a taste test to discover which apples were the best for freezing.

I usually fry the apples and then freeze them. I leave the skins on the apples, cut then into thin slices and fry in butter until partially cooked, and finally add brown sugar and cinnamon to taste. When thawed, it should resemble chunky applesauce unlike anything you can buy.

Both the Jonathons and MacIntoshes turned into mush. The Jonathons had the desired underlying tartness, but the MacIntoshes were tasteless. The Honey Crisp were a delightful surprise. I think of these as eating apples, but they held their shape and had a wonderful taste. I didn't cook the Cameos, but I will try them this weekend.

Oh, and I'm stopping back at the orchard to sort through that bin of Honey Crisp again...if there are any left.


Lucy said...

Have you tried CrippsPink, aka PinkLady? I really like those.

*sigh* I miss apple-time near orchards :(

Earth Girl said...

mmm I love those also, but they weren't grown by the local orchard. I'm seriously considering planting an orchard...apples and pears at a minimum. I have a cherry tree but it only feeds the birds.

gardenmomma (Chris) said...

When I read of your apples, it makes me think of Rachel Ray talking about the nearby orchards and apples, apples, apples. We don't have any orchards near us, but can get lots of different kinds at nearby stores. *sigh* I know it's not the same!!! My daughter's favorite kind right now is Honey Crisp. I like Jonagolds. My two dachshunds love any apple I cut up and serve them. We sit on the porch and eat apples in the evening. I enjoyed visiting. And I will try to put up some apples how you've suggested. Chris

Anonymous said...

What a good idea to freeze fried apples! They would have that caramelized butter flavor which Craig gets in the microwave. I found a package from 2004 of sliced apples (uncooked, no sugar) in the freezer. When they thawed they were so good-intensely flavored like Mom's dried apples-so I used them in a pie.