Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Glorious Mornings

From my previous post, you may guess that I like morning glories. So much beauty from a small pack of seeds. I planted them around the garden, along the fence row by the road and in front of my bay window to create a green and blue curtain from the inside. They remind me of summer days, with the hot yellow sun and bright blue sky. The blooms are almost luminescent, depending on the sunlight and I can get lost in the center.


Blackswamp_Girl said...

Oh wow... that last shot is amazing! You could make that into a postcard or something. :)

Sue Swift said...

Hi – this is an invitation to join the Garden Bloggers Retro carnival. I don’t know if you’ve ever come across the concept of a Blog carnival – if not I’ve explained it in detail on my site (Oct 1). But basically the idea is to revive one of your old posts which you think is worth rereading, or which you think new readers might enjoy. Send me the link to the post, and in November I’ll publish a series of posts describing and linking to all the posts people have nominated.
I hope you’ll join in and we have a fun carnival!


PS. I hope this isn’t the second time I’ve invited you - I’m losing track of who I have and haven’t yet contacted. If so, sorry, and just delete this.

Connie said...

...Love those Heavenly Blues!!

Kylee said...

Is that 'Heavenly Blue'? Our daughter grew that this year, but hers were not as vivid as yours! Hers were somewhat in the shade, so that might be why. In any case, I know I'll be growing that variety next year!