Thursday, May 12, 2005

How is my garden, you ask?

How is my garden, you ask?
Well, no one actually asked, but that never stopped me on this blog. These plants are in my garden or in the woods surrounding the house.

The early spring flowers and shrubs are a memory - forsythia, daffodils, crocus, scilla, bloodroot, iris reticulata, hyacinths, trout lilies.

The mid-spring plants are in bloom or just past their prime - tulips, redbuds, apple blossoms, fragrant viburnum, pulmonaria, trillium, violets, Greek Valerian, Virginia bluebells, sweet woodruff, cushion spurge, forget-me-nots, creeping or moss phlox, lilacs, May apples, bleeding heart, flowering almond and ajuga, plus some unidentified white flowers along the bank of Usually Not Creek. The columbines - double white, blue and red/yellow - are just starting to open. Until I searched for a link. I called the Greek Valerian by the name Jacob's Ladder. It was given to me at a plant exchange years ago, so I never had the botanical name. It has been a good year for tulips; in fact, several came up where I thought they had disappeared years ago. Several years ago I planted about a dozen redbuds along the drive, between the woods and meadow. They have matured enough to put on a good show.

I've started my container gardens, which has become a passion the last few years, but I'll leave that for another post as I have to fix a meal for a family from church.

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