Sunday, May 08, 2005

Plant Booty

Plant Booty
The perennial party was delightful - good food, interesting women, an idyllic setting, beautiful weather and free plants! Most of my booty is in the ground: viburnum, boxwood and barberry starts, Gold Tiara Hosta, creeping phlox, variegated and Russian sedum (for my sedum bed), creeping jennie (in the shade garden), and sundrops (for the meadow). I still have the canna bulbs to plant, which I may put in large containers to make it easy to dig the tender rhizomes in the fall.

I don't actually have a sedum bed (yet) but have become enamored with the idea. There are so many varieties of sedum that I think it would be an interesting concept. A quick search resulted in this and this article, these images, and even a ten acre sedum roof.

Every Mother's Day, I am given free rein at Dewalds Garden Shop, a most delightful place with lots of unusual plants. I went on my buying spree last week, but they felt the need to give me something today, so I also have two new trellises, two copper ornamental gyrating water sprinklers plus sphagnum peat moss and composted manure. Now how many mothers received shit today and were pleased about it?

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