Thursday, January 12, 2006

Dinner, y'all?

Or would they call it supper in the South?

There is not an ounce of southern blood in me, in my husband or even in my adopted boys. We live at 41 degrees and 14 minutes. My mother was born and raised at 41 degrees 19 minutes. Dad was born at 43 degrees 13 minutes and raised just north of the 40th parallel. Steve's parents were born and raised at 41 degrees.

But we enjoyed this dinner last night: BBQ country-style ribs, spoon bread, and spinach (greens).


Lucy said...

Lol :) I know you tried, but spinach is not greens. I'm sure its almost impossible to find good "real" greens there. Heck, its almost impossible here. It involves finding a farmer and convincing him you really NEED those greens, more so than the other people that are trying to separate him and his greens. Its probably easier to buy drugs!

Last year my Dad, who absolutely hates to waste produce, realized my mother was not going to "process" the entire bed of greens. He picked off the whole thing, and tooks big bags to the old people downtown who were too old for gardening. Little old people, both men and women, literally cried with joy. Some hugged him. No kidding.

Earth Girl said...

Such a sweet story about your father. No southerner would consider my "BBQ" ribs authentic either! OK, so only the spoon bread made the cut.