Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Fours

Hey, I've done the Thursday Three on occasion, but I've been tagged by Jordana for the Fours. I couldn't respond to two questions, because I'm truly not interested in popular culture. It is difficult to say you don't watch TV without sounding superior. I'm not superior, just different because I've learned to make choices best for me.

Four Jobs I've Had:

1. Historic Garden Director (This is not my official job title, but it is the title my boss uses for me. I started last fall and I love it.)
2. Marketing Director
3. Reinsurance Account Executive
4. Product Manager
And in 1995 I started my most important and hardest job - Mom.

Four Movies I Watch Over and Over Again:

We tried to remember the other night the last time I watched a movie! I was a movie freak in my younger days but am just not tempted now. Even when we rent a movie, I'll curl up with a good book (or go online.)

Four Places I've Lived:

This is so boring: Indiana, Indiana, Indiana and Indiana...and in only two counties! When I was young, I thought I would move around the states and the world, but that didn't happen. And I take it back, it's not boring. I love my life here.

Four T.V. Shows I Watch:

1. Antiques Road Show every other month or so
See response to movies. I'd rather read. So I'm changing this question to Four Books I Read Over and Over Again. Hey it's my blog and I can do what I want!
1. Anything by Nelson DeMille
2. Country Year by Sue Hubbell
3. Giants in the Earth by Rolvaag
4. Bible

Four Places I've Been on Vacation:

1. My parents' house in Arkansas was our vacation destination for 20 years
2. Oregon (I love it)
3. At least twice a year, we go to Lake Superior.
4. I took a three week train trip across the northern plains, down the Pacific coast and home through the central plains, stopping in Montana, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, San Bernadino, Needles, and Denver to visit family and friend.

And best of all, in two weeks I'll be in Tampa Bay visiting my girlfriend over a long weekend.

Four Websites I Visit Daily:

1. Chris at The Big Yellow House
2. Jordana at Curmudgeonry
3. Elizabeth at Motherhood is not for Wimps
4. Waiter Rant
And because I have seven unused answers from popular culture (movies and TV):
5. The Food Whore
6. Tales From my Tiny Kingdom
7. Lucy's Island
8. Althouse
9. The Other Side of the Ocean
10. Seraphic Secrets
11. Instapundit

Four Favorite Foods:

1. Homemade Bread
2. Mom's Chicken Salad
3. Fruit
4. Coffee
(I could have used my 7 extra answers here also!)

Four Places I'd Like to Be Right Now:

1. Cross-country skiing
2. Touring some great gardens in the world
3. Scotland (I like that answer, Jordana)
4. I'm pretty comfy right where I am.

Four Bloggers I'm Tagging:

1. Lucy
2. Mom to the Screaming Masses (and I read this one daily also)
3. Full Fathom Five (and this one too)
4. Anyone who wants to join in

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jennifer said...

4 movies I watch over and over:

The Princess Bride
Spirited Away (lovely Japanes anime)

Martha, I saw The Rose last night for the first used to play that album for me when you lived in the West Central. The movie was heart breaking.

My 4 best jobs:

Marketing manager
Marketing lackey
university faculty
carriage driver (best. job. ever.)