Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Morning Madness

Whew! The boys finally left. Late night call telling us Ricky needs to bring his show choir outfit (do boys have outfits? Ok, costume or perhaps tux) to school today. He couldn't find it this morning. He couldn't even find his travel bag. "They are at school," he insisted, but still tore apart his closet trying to find it, so he wasn't too confident about this assertion. He finds two black shoes, both right feet. Finally, he finds a left shoe under his bed and one dress sock. I find the other dress sock in my Single Sock Basket in the laundry room.

Ron asks for money for his lunch account and I write the check, totally forgetting that we told him no more lunch money. A few weeks ago, school called to inform us the boys were spending $10 to $15 a day for lunch, probably treating others at their table. They sent us a print-out of what they bought everyday; a typical day included 4 slices of pizzas, 2 large salads, 2 cans of pop (yes, I'm a Midwesterner.), 2 large cookies, and nachos and cheese or perhaps 2 lunches plus the other junk. So when Steve asked him for the check, an uproar from both boys insisting they did not abuse their lunch money. We gave Ron $5 and he decided to pack his lunch. Two ham sandwiches and an apple are sitting on the table.

I totally expect several calls from them this morning asking that I run things to school, despite the fact that my day is already full.

In the middle of this, I plucked the confirmation for my weekend jaunt to Florida off the fridge and transported myself south. Just three more days until my break! Poor hubby.

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Renee said...

A little bit o' Florida would go a long way with me right now, too! Hope you and Judy have a fabulous time! What's on the agenda?