Wednesday, January 18, 2006

One Dog Night

Sam, our yellow lab, our watchdog, our constant companion, our big gelunk of canine, was put on medicine this week for low thyroid. Part of the symptoms are weight gain and excessive hair loss. He's already looking thinner, and after I swept this morning, I'm hoping that is the last time I sweep up bushels of hair.

At the vet, Sam weighed 98 pounds. Ricky weighs 118 pounds. As we headed to bed last night, we couldn't find the dog. We checked every room in the house and he was missing. We checked the boys' rooms again and Ricky's lump of blankets looked odd. Steve went over and patted the lump and sensed a tail wagging under the blankets. Rick wrapped the dog in blankets with only his nose showing and the dog was laying on top of Rick. We unwrapped the dog and got him off the bed...and Ricky never woke up.


Lucy said...

I bet I'm not the only one that wants to know whats happened to the crazy woman and the Wisteria :)

Earth Girl said...

We don't work from December through March, but I am meeting her today to order seeds/plants for the garden. I'll post later, because there is more to tell.