Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tried and True

Last week hubby asked me if I wanted to ride to Grabill to buy some corn for our corn burner. (I love the corn burner. Check out how beautiful the fire is in the photo and, according to the propane delivery guy, we are using 1/3 of the the gas.) The feedmill is not my idea of a hot date, but spending time with my hubby is always enjoyable. After picking up a half ton of corn, in 50# bags, to my shock and delight he suggested we go through the antique mall.

Now I'm a kitchen gadget addict. These gadgets lure me with promises of quick, easy or pretty food, and then languish in my drawer. Declutter my closets? No problem. Clean out the garage? Take it away. Touch my kitchen drawers? Over my dead body.

So it wasn't surprising that I spent time looking at the antique kitchen gadgets. I was just appalled, though, to find them selling as antiques kitchen tools I'm still using, specifically my flour sifter that I use to sift powdered sugar and my potato masher that I prefer to anything electronic because it leaves nice little lumps and the skins don't get caught up in blades.

There are, however, newer gadgets in my drawers waiting for their glory days when it is the only thing that will work, such as the crinkled carrot cutter, the baked apple dishes, the donut cutter complete with hole, and the little round sandwich crimper from Pampered Chef. I think I've used each one only once.

The microplaner, though, is a new gadget that I adore. It adds zest and spice to my life.


Orion_skie said...

I totally agree with you! I have two new kitchen gadgets that I can't wait to use. A candy thermometer and air flow cookie sheets

Jordana said...

I love new kitchen gadgets too. I love my rasp zester that I got last year for Christmas. I'm starting to convince myself that almost all baked goods taste better with zest.

This year I got a candy thermometer, but I haven't used it yet.

Lucy said...

A few years ago QVC had a garnish set (complete with instructions). Two people bought it for me. Others were thwarted when it sold out. At least they really know me!

Chris said...

Thanks for leaving a comment today!

Are you feeling thinner yet?

jennifer said...

Another "antique" I've seen is the applesaucer you got from Grandma (and the one my mom owns).

My best antique will be my all-clad fondue pot I got for christmas; it's beautiful and will stand the test of time.

I haven't gotten one yet, but one of those apple peeler-corer-slicer contraptions you mount on your counter would be a good antique down the road.