Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Advanced Master and Master Wannabe

I just got my new Master Gardener badge and discovered that I am now an Advanced Master Gardener.

Tonight I attend orientation for the Master Naturalists program. I am so looking forward to these classes, which are 3 to 4 hours each, taught by "names" in regional naturalist circles:
Geology: Dr. Jack Sunderman, Geologist
Birds: Dr. Jim Haw, Birder
Insects: Dr. David Miller, Entomologist
Forest Ecology: Dr. Jim Tobolski
Wetlands: Tim Skiver, Wetland Biologist
Critters: Chris Barlow, Naturalist
Wildflowers: Doug Rood, Naturalist
Trees: Ricky Kemery, Purdue University

1 comment:

Rurality said...

Wow I wish we had the Master Naturalist program here.

So what's an Advanced MG? We have the different colored stars, and then different colored badges depending on how many hours you've volunteered... is it like that?