Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Lucy asked about my favorite garden catalogs. The two catalogs I peruse most carefully, dream over, and absolutely love are White Flower Farm and Wayside Gardens. However, I rarely order from them because of the cost. I prefer to buy plants locally grown as they have less transplant shock and are acclimated to our heavy clay soil. Actually, I really prefer to get starts from my gardening friends! I'm ordering seeds from Select Seeds this year and will let you know what I think.


Lucy said...

Have you ever tried Territorial Seed Company? My personal favorite is Raintree Nurseries in Oregon. Their trees are SO much better shaped than other companies. I think that this afternoon I'll settle in to do a little bit of seed ordering. Maybe with the kids.

Maybe get them to make drawings of what they want the new garden to look like. LOL!

Earth Girl said...

I have the Territorial catalog and will take another look. Raintree Nurseries is a new one to me and I'll check it out. We order trees from Musser Nursery in PA and from the state nurseries. Both or 1 to 3 year old seedlings.