Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sanguine Saturday

I like the sound of the title, but I wonder if a day can be cheerfully confident? Perhaps Saturday was the ruddy color associated with the outdoor life in Florida. We started with a driving tour of Cheval, the gated community in which she lives, whose houses must be built according to "Florida" architecture, with nary a frame house in view. We ended up at Lettuce Lake Park for a long stroll along the boardwalk through the swamps. It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny. I took a lot of pictures but am only sharing a few: egret, ibis and a black-crowned night heron, the Hillsborough River closer to its mouth (compare it to Friday night's picture), and cypress knees.

Then we drove toward the beach, but ended up in Tarpon Springs, the sponge capital of the world. It is touristy but still functioning as a working center for the sponge boats and it has retained its delightful Greek flavor. Speaking of Greek flavors, we enjoyed a pastry in a Greek bakery before heading to the beach to watch the sun set. Alas, the gates closed just as we got there. Back home and then out to dinner at a wonderful fish restaurant where I had my first Lemon Drop and fresh Florida snapper. Home again for another late night of just talking. By now we had about fifty half-finished conversations that we had to complete.

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