Tuesday, February 14, 2006

No Matter How He Speaks, My Knees Grow Weak

My husband speaks all five languages of love.

Words of Affirmation
The other night, Steve came in the room and shared that he was reading about the different aspects of intelligence. He determined that I was gifted in at least 4 areas and perhaps in the other two. He never fails to proclaim his love for me daily, usually with three simple words, "I love you," sometimes with one word, "luvsya," and, at other times, with a full poetic expression of his love. He even renamed a constellation for me; Orion's Belt is known as Martha's Crown in our house.

Acts of Service
What an incredible feeling to come home and find the floors mopped, the table set and dinner started. Sometimes he tells me to go back to sleep and he will handle the morning chores. And I can't begin to describe the work he does on our three properties. He's also teaching our sons to speak this language of love.

Receiving Gifts
I don't need diamonds to know he loves me. His gifts are sweet and thoughtful. Last week while shopping with him, I remarked how much I love hyacinths in the house as a foretaste (or is it a foresmell) of spring. We drove separate cars to church Sunday and when I came home, two decorated paper bags were on the dining room table. Inside were three pots of hyacinths. Not only did he listen, but he remembered that this was something that would please me.

Quality Time
He will grab my hand with a "join me" for an evening walk. We walk, we hold hands, we talk. Rarely are these talks utilitarian, about the running of our daily lives. Sometimes we dream. Sometimes we play silly word games. Sometimes we share our observations about the wooded area we walk. Sometimes we talk about the books we're reading. Sometimes we solve the world's problems. This is the time I often tell him stories from the blogs I've read and he tells me stories from school. Sometimes we walk in companionable silence. After 14 years of marriage, our pure delight in each other's company continues to grow.

Physical Touch
And then my knees really grow weak.

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Jennifer said...

awww... what a sweet pair!