Monday, March 06, 2006

Notes from sitting in a hard wooden chair providing hallway security for six hours at a Show Choir competition last Saturday

"Polka dots kick ass" according to one lovely young lady to another wearing a long white dress with black polka dots. Of course, I already knew that since I discovered A Dress a Day.

Curlers are back. Lots of teenage girls in curlers roaming the hall until time for their performance.

Teenage boys still sit on the floor strumming acoustic guitars for hours.

Make a statement with Crocs in your school colors.

My sons are flirts. Honest flirts, but still flirts.

Only in show choir do you think nothing of a 16 year old boy in a bright purple suit or neon green satin shirts.

I'm on a different planet than my son. He stops by my security post while I'm looking at a garden catalog and I remark that there are a lot of honeysuckles. "What?" he responds. I repeat, "a lot of honeysuckles" while pointing to the catalog. With a clear glimpse into his mind, he said, "Oh, I thought you meant people kissing."


Marc said...

Any boys in curlers?

With all of that sitting time, at least you get rewarded by watching your sons socialize on their "turf". It helps later on to know that they'll be OK once they leave the nest.

Renee Wrightz said...

Personally, I've always been a big fan of polka dots, which have always seemed the human take on spotted critters, e.g., cheetahs, spotted morays, spotted eagle rays, etc. So the young woman you overheard is one I'm sure I would like!

(I have to say, I'm surprised to hear that curlers are still worn anywhere... I thought young women just used curling irons these days.)