Monday, March 13, 2006

Spring Cleaning Surprises

I haven't posted for a while because I've been cleaning. The house sparkles except for the boys' rooms for which they are responsible. Although I mop regularly, I was shocked at the dirty water when I finally got down on my knees for a thorough scrubbing.

Why this frenzy of cleaning? Well, it was needed, but I hosted book club Friday morning and a baby shower Sunday afternoon. Plus I will soon be spending all my available time outdoors.

So I set up an aggressive cleaning schedule early in the week, but did not take into account that Steve would remodel the bathroom since he was off for spring break. Remodel is too mild of a word, transform is a better word since it basically hadn't been touched since 1960. It is about 90% complete (needs molding plus towel and tissue hangers). While it skewered my cleaning schedule, it looks wonderful.

Another unexpected twist in my plans was the invasion of box elder bugs. Oh well, it gave my five year old great niece something to do during the shower...capturing and releasing outdoors the bugs with orange on them.

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