Wednesday, March 29, 2006


When Gene Stratton-Porter built her cabin on Sylvan Lake, she was determined to create a home suited just for her. With the east windows facing the lake and the south windows facing the garden, her conservatory is a bright, warm room of windows. I spent Monday afternoon starting seeds in this room. The sense of history was strong and, perhaps, I imagined I was Gene doing the same thing almost a hundred years ago.

I planted Heliotropium arborescens "Marine", Lobelia cardinalis, Convolvulus "Blue Enchantment, Amaranthus caudatus or Love-Lies-Bleeding, and ageratum. Seeds for all but the convolvulus were purchased from Select Seed.

I have six flats of sprouted seeds in my bay window with Verbena (mixed colors), Apricot digitalis (foxglove), Bells of Ireland and Cerastium (Snow-in-Summer). Some will go to the site and some will stay in my garden.


Kasmira said...

I'm also growing Heliotrope from seed this year. I was contemplating direct sowing a few of the seeds when I read the back of the package: "Do not direct sow." I wonder why.

Earth Girl said...

The reason not to direct sow in my zone 5 garden is there would not be time for it to germinate, grow and flower in our growing season. That wouldn't be true in warmer zones, so I don't know why the package would give those instructions for everyone. I'm interested in how your approach to cold season seed starting is working. It sounds much easier than what I have to do.