Thursday, March 23, 2006

Shade Containers

I haven't settled on what to plant in the shade containers, but here are some of my ideas. I'm very interested in your suggestions.

There are containers scattered throughout the site, but the four containers at the entryway to the cabin are especially important. Two are large urns at the base of the steps, set on stone pillars. The other two are large boxes on the porch rail. I'm thinking the urns should have a stately upright look, complementing the container and pillar. I envision the boxes with a curtain of trailing plants cascading down the stone front of the porch.

I ordered several cultivars of Caladiums, (this is one) which, with their showy leaves, would provide the focal point, bulk and season-long color. Coleus would also serve the same purpose and would be pretty with heliotrope. Lamium Golden Anniversery is under consideration as a trailer if I decide on a yellow, gold and purple box. We have purple oxalis and a small yellow leaved hosta and I ordered trollius and toad lilies which would fit this scheme. Begonias were always planted in the boxes and I may put them back, although there are hybrids available now with showier foliage. I overwintered Sutera cordata, a vigorous trailer which bloomed abundantly last year. It may require more sun than is available at the entryway, but I may try it. I also overwintered a trailer with tiny green leaves and red stems which would look pretty with the caladiums.

We get a lot of early spring visitors and I thought I would fill up the window boxes with pansies, which can be viewed from the porch as well as the entry. I wish I had thought to put some bulbs in the urns last fall.

So I don't have a plan yet, but I am thinking about it. This leaves room for the muse to hit!

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Lucy said...

I can tell you're an "interesting-foliage" kinda girl.

Personally, I'm all about impatiens. I have occassionally lamented the fact that I need more shade so I can plant more impatiens.

I've never been all that gung-ho about pansies. They seem a tad ... wimpy. But I adore big fluffy lumps of impatiens. Especially the "double" varieties. They look like tiny old-fashioned cabbage roses.