Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Come hear my talk

Are you curious about the restoration of the gardens at the Gene Stratton-Porter State Historic Site? If so, you have an opportunity to hear me speak about this topic on Friday, March 2, at 1 PM at the Allen County Home and Garden Show.

Now why would I encourage more people to come? Because I want some friendly faces in the audience! I'm finishing the slide presentation with historic photos of the garden as well as photos of the spring wildflowers.


Lucy said...

If only I could! I'd LOVE to hear your talk. Got to admit, living hundred of miles away and having never met you in person, I still think of you everytime I see Wisteria! And I have a whole new appreciation for The Secret Garden :)

Kylee said...

I actually may be there! Mom and I are planning to go sometime, and it just might be Friday. If so, I'll be sure to look you up! :-)

Gotta Garden said...

Oh, I would if I could! I love garden talks! Good luck with yours! I hope you'll post about how it went.

Carol said...

I have to work, but am actually thinking about a visit to the historic site. When is the best time to vist to see the gardens at their best?

Earth Girl said...

Lucy: I'll have to give an update on the wisteria. It's amazing how God works; the Slaughterer has become indispensible to the garden.

Kylee: I sure hope to see you. The presentations are in a out-of-way place down the hall but will be well-marked. My first blog meet-up!

Carol: Didn't Henry Mitchell write about how gardeners always say, "You should have seen the garden last week." or "Wait until next week when this and that will be blooming."? So, come anytime it's convenient. Just let me know and I will try to be there. This is so exciting!