Saturday, February 24, 2007

My uncool life is cool!

I've been convinced (or convicted) this week to evaluate my life. No life shattering events, just unintentional urgings by readers of this humble blog. Hey, maybe I'm getting ready for Spring.

First, I posted that my Vibe is uncool. But two harbingers of cool contradicted me: Renee, one of my coolest friends, and Ricky, my teenage son who has a finely honed sense of cool. Why did I think it wasn't cool? Is this how I think of any car I would drive?

Second, I'm having fun (and working hard) teaching children how to tap maple trees. A request for volunteers went out to Master Naturalists and I decided to do it. It is close to where I live. The owner of the woods is a dear friend from church in her late 80s. I needed a push to get outside this winter. And it is something I've never done before. Then Lucy comments, "For what its worth, I think you have a really fabulous life :)" Thank you, Lucy. Your comment was worth a lot as it prompted me to give thanks for the many ways I am blessed.

Third, I considered seriously taking a corporate job, lured by the paycheck and benefits. I reconsidered, especially when my husband urged me to weight those benefits against the quality of my life, and turned down the job. When a friend heard about this, she wrote in an email, "I can’t tell you how secretly (and now, not so secretly) happy I am that you said no to that job. It seems to me that in declining that position, you also made the decision not to participate in corporate slavery again. Part of it’s selfish – I like having you around to play with – and part of it is truly seeing a more joyful, fully engaged woman who is spreading her many talents around more fully." I'm deep in the woods of my life, seeing only the trunks of the trees and haven't taken the time to see the forest. Thank you, friend, for giving me a fresh perspective on my life.

Finally, I read this post by Lucy.
Today, my worst problem is going to be ... hmmm ... maybe bad hair. MAYBE a child will be cranky with me, give me attitude. Maybe a child will use all the tape to cover her desk. (These are not unheard of problems.) Maybe I'll get bad customer service at the restaurant I go to when I don't feel like cooking dinner. Maybe I'll have to get gas before I can run errands tonight.

But, in general? Its AMAZING to be me. Or probably "you" for that matter. Without knowing who you are, I know you have computer access. That says a lot about you. Like ... you have electricity. And ... you can read.

So. Take a moment. Really think about it. Yes, it IS fabulous to be us :) For those that want to keep it that way, here's a tip ... At our house we have a new rule: Do NOT answer the phone on Wednesdays!

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