Wednesday, February 21, 2007

School Closings

School was closed two days due to snow last week.

The first day was idyllic. We were snug, warm and well-fed. Everyone pitched in willingly to clean the house after we put on some rocking music. It sparkled. We baked a Valentine's cake and played board games.

The second day was the polar (haha) opposite. Snow needed to be shoveled and driveways plowed. Teenage siblings snapped, complained and were generally teenagers. The sparkling house became less so as they tracked in and out.

The third morning, there was a school delay. Ron came into the computer room and told me they just announced a closing. My response was kind of a guttural groan, or perhaps a shriek. Anyway, it was purely emotional. I was so looking forward to having the house to myself again. Ron laughed and laughed because he was just kidding. He laughed about my reaction for several days.

School is closed again today due to heavy fog and icy roads. And the power went out for about an hour. The temperature in the house dropped 8 degrees in the hour. We have a generator to run the cornburner and a kerosene heater, but Steve had already left and I wasn't cold enough to have the confidence to set them up. I'm starting to thaw out again. At least enough for my typing fingers to work.

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