Friday, May 09, 2003

Last night Ricky and I went to Campus Life's "Bid on a Kid" fundraising auction. Rick really got into the spirit of bidding at his first auction. My right arm is sore as he excitedly punched me to outbid everyone for every kid. It's just a good thing the auctioneer ignored Rick's frantic waving. Even when I had the winning bid, he was pummeling me to outbid myself as the auctioneer valiantly tried to get another $25 for the three strapping teenage boys who will do 4-5 hours of lawn work. Yeh! Now I can start planning a large landscaping project! My initial thought was to have them clean the fence row and mulch the perimeter trees we planted in the meadow. But why not have them build a stone wall? Or create a path through the woods? Or dig up five new garden beds? Or create that french drain we got a bid for? Or tear up half the asphalt in the driveway? I"ll be thinking about this one!

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