Saturday, May 24, 2003

Family Stories
Mom, my sister, my niece and I spent most of yesterday putting together a family scrapbook. Out of the hundreds of photos Mom brought home, we focused only on pre-1950 photos. I had grand ambitions that we would label and place these into a scrapbook, since we had the supplies, the source of the stories (Mom), and four bright women to work on it all day. Muhaahahahahaha

We spent over an hour on the first photo, a picture of my mother's childhood home. My sister would make a great journalist; she pried Mom with questions, probed for stories, and found the color. Mom soon got into the swing of storytelling. After an hour, I was able to move them on to the next photo. Meanwhile, my niece wrote of the house story. When Mom read the final result, she was stunned, "This makes it sound so historic and important."

It's hard to believe anything you lived is historic. But I can just see my children and grandchildren enjoying this glimpse into their history 30 years from now.

The big question is who gets the scrapbook...or how can we duplicate it for five children, 12 grandchildren and 6 (so far) great grandchildren?

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