Monday, May 12, 2003

Mother's Day Cards
One son wrote:
"You are sweet as sugar. I look at you in the morning and you shine like the sun. There is no one better. Thank You. Happy Mother's Day. I love you. P.S. Wishing you a heartful of Mothers that are happy on sunny Sundays or even stormy days. You make me say I love you always."

And his twin wrote:
"I love you all the time. I like how kind you are to me and Ricky. You are the Best Mom a person could have."

Eat your heart out Hallmark. Your cards don't even come close! I'm not sure what "a heartful of Mothers" means but I suspect his heart was full of mother love and this was how it came out. I am so blessed, not just by my sons, but by my husband who arranged the cardwriting endeavor.

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