Friday, May 16, 2003

Container Gardening
At last, I had time today to spend in the garden. While I have land enough to create more garden beds, I have fun designing mini-gardens in my pots for the deck, probably because their lifespan is short and it is easy to modify design mistakes. The raw materials were my collection of pots (including a new large bright blue pot) plus the plants I started in the patio greenhouse I received for Christmas complemented by unusual annuals I've been buying at the nurseries and perennials from my beds. I made my own potting soil in the wheelbarrow, laid the pots out in a row, surrounded myself with my plants, then made a cup of tea and stared at it all. When the muse hit, I started potting. I'll know how well I did in about a month.

Dinner al fresco
We ate under the stars on the patio tonight amid the incipient beauty of my pots, lit by fifteen candles scattered around the deck. The boys were enthralled by the mood, which was only slightly lessened by the sweatshirts and hats we had to wear.

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