Sunday, August 22, 2004

I'm Back

I'm back
Mom and I worked hard packing for her move home and had a good visit at the same time. We almost finished packing her sewing room/den, and the supplies and a packing process are in place for Mom to continue packing. We got slowed down with memorabilia, including reading letters that Dad wrote to her from France during the war. What great letters - funny and poignant and thoughtful. She thought I read them when I was younger, but that was my sister.

We also started packing her china and crystal. I had her write the provenance of some pieces, because I just won't remember what was my grandmother's and great-grandmother's.

I made a dent on her books but when I thought I was finished, she showed me two closets filled with books. I am a bibliophile legitimately.

Mom and Dad moved to Arkansas in 1981. I was shocked. Kids were suppose to move away from their parents, not the other way around. And why Arkansas? Mom's from Indiana and Dad's from the East Coast. But they loved their small community in the Ozarks and we spent many great vacations there. I felt sorrow for the passing of this time, and I cannot imagine what Mom must feel, especially as it was her last home with Dad.

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