Sunday, August 22, 2004

School Shopping

Sizing by Area
I give the twins a back-to-school clothing allowance and they choose their own clothes, but I insist that they try them on for my inspection before we buy them. The jeans that Ron tried on looked great, so I didn't do any further checking when he selected three more pairs. When he donned a new pair of jeans yesterday, he couldn't breathe and was stumbling on the excess length. Well, he could not find any 34/32 jeans so he bought three pairs of 32/34.

The boys are very different in physique and Rick was appalled at having to buy his clothes in the boys section. The styles are the same as in the men's section, so no one else will know...except everyone who reads this blog!

The trip back to the store to exchange the jeans, though, cost me another $100 somehow. Shoes, shirts, umbrellas and sunglasses - all the essentials no matter what the weather.

School shopping gets to be a bigger chore every year, and much more expensive. But no complaints from me because this end-of-summer ritual will be a thing of the past all too soon.

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