Monday, November 13, 2006

Blog Changes

The reason for the new look is that I upgraded to the new version of Blogger. It's OK, but I wish I could change the title bar graphics.

I also modified the links to add blogs I read often and remove those I no longer read. The link order is not based on how much I love to read you, but by category. (And the new blogger doesn't give me the capability to add link headings.) The first few are gardening/nature links, then fashion links, then mother links and finally those that are not easily classified. I read a few political blogs every day, but didn't include those because this is an apolitical blog. A few of the linked blogs will have occasional political content with which I don't agree, but that is not the focus of the blog.

So go over to the links and find someone to enjoy today.


Lucy said...

I think this one is pretty. Very ... soothing and ... Summer-ish and ... cozy and ... passive-agressive like kudzu. (Bwahahahaha. Sorry, I couldn't help myself. No, of course its not really passive-aggressive. Its lovely :)

Jessi said...

You 'can' change the title bar just have to do it through fiddling with the html. Do a google search for help and there are various sites that'll take you right through the steps, so it's not 'that' painful to take care of. If you don't have the patience or it's not that big of a deal, I like this theme anyway. :)

Petunia's Gardener said...

This post caught my eye because I'm thinking about changing over on Thanksgiving weekend. You blog looks great! I've wanted labels/categories since I first started! I love the little Ladies Mantle note. What a great idea.

Earth Girl said...

Lucy, you'll have me questioning my every action! Welcome Jessi and Petunia. The change was surprisingly easy except now I have to sign in twice - once for Blogger and once for Google.