Thursday, November 09, 2006

Wasp nests at Christmas

Today's low will be tomorrow's high temperature, so it was a beautiful day to work outside. The work release crew did not show up so we had to open the paths in the garden for the Holiday Open House this weekend, especially since they are dedicating the new water feature in the garden. I had scheduled today to decorate the Garden Shed for the open house and made some progress. They use the Garden Shed for making crafts and there is a lot of traffic. Last year I was appalled at the condition of the tree ornaments used on the tree in the shed; they were tattered ugly craft ornaments from years past. They held a lot of sentiment for those who made the ornaments, but it made for one ugly tree. (Sure, I put ugly ornaments on my tree, but they were made by my children when they were young. ) So I decided to go with a nature tree in the Garden Shed, using lots of dried hydrangea, broom corn and seed heads. I also put in the nature items we've collected this year, such as birds' nests and a large paper wasp nest. I think it is beautiful, but we will see how others react.

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Carol said...

I'd love to see a picture of the decorated tree!