Friday, November 24, 2006

Next steps

Next steps-Holiday
How do those people shop the day after Thanksgiving? I'm still pooped from cooking and cleaning and eating. It is our tradition to cut the Christmas tree today from the tree farm at the Highlands. The trees are getting too big and we now have to cut it in half and only use the top part. Last year I tried to make wreaths with the bottom limbs but that does not seem to be my skill set. They served as winter mulch for the heuchera, which always heaves with the constant freezing and thawing in northern Indiana.

Next steps-Unknown
My weariness is not only physical. My dear mother-in-law made a raw announcement (how could it be anything else?) yesterday about her health. Final tests and biopsies will not be done for several months, but it doesn't look good. Her sons were shell-shocked; still are. We are in that dreadful waiting period between knowing something is seriously wrong and knowing what the medical plan will be.

Next steps-Maturation
And I have to run errands with both sons. Ron needs to establish a bank account to deposit his National Guard earnings and Ricky needs to renew his driver's permit.


Lucy said...

I'll be thinking of you often in the next few weeks (even though posting will be light because of The Almost-Here Move). Anything involving a biopsy is potentially bad. Sorry that announcement happened to your Thanksgiving :( Sorry that she has the problem in the first place :(

You know, I was raised in East Tennessee near Oak Ridge (aka cancer-capital-of-the-world) There, its not a matter of "if" so much as its a matter of "when".

Not to be ALL in your business, but for what its worth, I've heard and seen great things from the Pomegranate juice extract and also from groud flaxseed. There's an excellent book called the Breast Cancer Diet by Bob Arnot. Ironically, its about more cancers than just breast cancer and its about more than diet.

Prays and hugs all around!

Carol said...

So much going on. I'm with you. I've avoided shopping so far this weekend. The weather is unbelievably nice, so I've tried to spend time outside tending to garden clean up chores.
So sorry to hear about your MIL, is there ever a good way to tell bad news?

Earth Girl said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...
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eric wp said...
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