Friday, November 03, 2006

Comments Moderated

Holy Yodels! What happened on the comment about NaBloPoMo? I have word verification enabled to prevent spam, so this commenter intentionally posted his/her/its rambling rant which I didn't bother trying to make sense of after a few sentences. Scrolling down to the second comment, I discovered Renee asked about the presentation this morning. Details forthcoming. However, I have enabled moderation of comments. Before a comment is posted, I will be approving it. Someone please comment so I can test this thing.


Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm just passing through on that wonderful button known as "Next Blog". I saw that you needed someone to post a comment, so here I am to help!

I hope I helped! =)

Earth Girl said...

Thanks, Marilynne. I now know how this works, but I also realized I could have just posted my own test comment. But that would have deprived you of a good deed.