Friday, November 03, 2006

Teenage Phone Calls

Little did I know that I was buying a hot new product when I finally broke down and got cell phones for my sons. One is driving and both are in extracurricular activities, so they were always borrowing my phone. We have made some interesting discoveries about how 17 year old boys use the cell phone.

It's fall break and the twins are attending a Campus Life weekend trip. I just got a phone call from Ricky, "Mom, Ron hates it when I dance." I repeat his statement and ask what I'm suppose to do about it. Hubby chuckles in the background. Now they can tattle wirelessly. (One boy is an extrovert and the other introverted. One is having a wild and crazy time and the other is embarrassed. I've seen this pattern for years.)

When we had the soccer fire-up, the kids were text messaging each other. "Why?" husband asked them incredulously because they were all sitting around the campfire.

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