Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fresh Spinach

About ten days before the massive recall of packaged spinach due to e-coli contamination, I planted spinach seeds for a fall crop. I was so pleased with myself for creating an alternative source of fresh organic spinach. However, we've had an early fall and the growth has been slow. The largest leaves are about half an inch now. If I picked the whole crop, I may have enough to garnish a salad.


Christa said...

I now wish I had planted spinach for the fall. I am too afraid to buy the stuff in the bag. At least I have some lettuces coming along in the garden, but it's not the same as having fresh spinach. Good luck with yours!

Anonymous said...

try using some heavy frost cover to create a mini greenhouse. Use some stakes or metal hoops. Pin it down or use soil to hold in place. If it is really cold, you can try clear plastic, but you might have to let it breathe if the temp goes above 40. Do you have a cold frame? Same idea.