Sunday, February 20, 2005


Late Posts: I found these posts in my "drafts" and wondered why I didn't publish them. It appears that they are from April 2004. I'm publishing them now, not for you, dear readers, but for me so I will have a record of my incredibly interesting life. Ha!

Wisdom Teeth

Rick went to school today with swollen jaws and he was concerned about kids making fun of him. I counseled him to respond, "Yes, it was quite painful, but I toughed it out." We'll see tonight how that worked.

And he did tough it out. He had a hard time eating but finally got half a milkshake down, so I gave him the prescribed dosage of pain medicine. It made him very shaky and he vomited repeatedly. I called the pharmacy to confirm that the dosage was right, since he only weighs 80-odd pounds. They confirmed it was appropriate, but I checked it against an old prescription for me, and it was a full dose. Poor guy, no wonder he got sick. He then refused to even take it, so I gave him regular Tylenol.

For the first time in my life, I was ambivalent about the arrival of spring...until the temperatures reached the upper 50s yesterday. You see, we put in several hundred feet of drainpipe in December and the yard is still tore up. I was sooooo sick of mud and was glad to see it freeze and then the snow covered the mess. I knew I was facing major mud this spring, what with a dog and boys.

Then it got warm, and the crocus started to break through the soil. A crabapple branch I brought in is starting to bloom. I spent all weekend outside (when I wasn't nursing Rickers). We cleaned out the scrub trees and bushes between the meadow and the woods and had a huge bonfire. The activity felt good and I slept so soundly.