Friday, February 25, 2005

Thursday Three

Thursday Three
Courtesy of Possumblog
1) What is the strangest car you have ever owned?
It is strange only that it was SO not me (and SO my ex-husband) - 1957 souped-up Chevy.

2) What is the worst car you ever owned?
I'm not a car person so I can't tell you the make or year, but it was an old van (60s? Dodge?). I remember the color - turquoise and white - and I remember when it started belching black smoke as I left the parking garage at work.

3) How many wrecks have you been in?
Age 16 fender bender (my fault, but that woman in front of me shouldn't have slammed on her brakes to avoid going through a yellow light). No accidents for most of my adult life until 2004 when I hit a deer and then hit a friend.

4) SPECIAL BONUS QUESTION! Recall for us your most memorable drive-in experience.
I've recalled it. Thanks for the memory jog. More recently, we went to the drive-in outside a small town north of us, over the boys protests as they wanted to go to the large movie theatre in the large city south of us. It was their first time at the drive-in and they loved it! We backed in and they lay in the back of the Suburban with pillows and blankets and snacks and drinks while Mom and Dad sat in lawn chairs and made snarky remarks about the movie.

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