Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Wait a day

Wait a day
There is a saying about Indiana weather (and perhaps said many other places also) - if you don't like the weather, wait a day. Yesterday felt like spring. It was warm and overcast. Hubby even took a bicycle ride in the afternoon. Then last night the rains came, followed by sleet and then snow. (If rains came, then should sleets and snows come too?) I awoke to a hushed world of white.

As I turned on the TV to check for school delays, the power went out. Ricky was immediately up and out of his bedroom, flashlight in hand, ready to take charge of this emergency. Of course, he had to replace the batteries first by my candlelight.

As the house got chillier and there was no coffee (why o why didn't I make it as soon as I got up?), Steve took charge. He fired up the generator so the corn stove would work and I could make coffee. I took my coffee outside just as dawn was breaking, with the soft colors of a winter sunrise. The stars were still shining in the west and the sky turning blue in the east. It was awesome.

The power came back on in time for showers and the house cleared out as the males went to their various schools. And I looked at my store boughten daffodils and longed for spring.

NOTE: At Ron's request, I deleted several sentences about a minor uproar that ensued after Ricky put the batteries in the flashlight. "Mom, you can only put up good stuff about us." It wasn't bad, just typical teenage brothers squabbling, but I'm glad Ron is uncomfortable with his behavior.

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