Sunday, February 27, 2005

Two Ways

Two Ways
After our second graders left the Sunday School room this morning, hubby said something and I started to cry. I had to stay for the last service and he went home. In the empty room, I finished my cry and tried to compose myself. Of course, a friend popped in to tell me something and caught me. I told her indirectly what was wrong, but I almost never share out little tiffs with anyone. I know we will work it out because we are committed to each other.

And work it out we did when I got home. He brought it up almost immediately because he could not understand why I was upset when he was making fun of himself. I totally misunderstood him. I thought he was criticizing me in an area that is especially tender for me. That is not like my hubby and I should have clarified what I thought I heard before I reacted emotionally.

In one of those emails that gets passed around, probably What Men Would Like Women to Know, this statement hit home for my hubby: If I say something and there are two ways to take it and one way makes you cry, I meant it the other way.

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