Friday, February 18, 2005

Thursday Three

Thursday Three
Since I submitted the questions, I should have thought of answers first. Having a marketing background, I'm used to throwing ideas out and then picking the best, but the ol' Possum decided to use them all. So here goes:
1. What did you give your Valentine this year?
er, nothing but my love and a few spontaneous poems during our nightly walk

3. In grade school, what was the Valentine’s Day protocol?
Grade school was over 40 years ago (how can that be?) but things haven't changed much. We decorated boxes before the Big Day, brought in cheapo cards and decorated heart-shaped cookies. Back then we did not have to bring in a card for every person so much angst went into picking just the right card for each person and then extracting the deeper meaning for every card received.

4. Did you ever have a secret Valentine?
For four years in high school, I received a huge mushy card in the mail and I never did figure out who the shy lovesick boy was.

5. What would be the most romantic day/gift you could have?
Time alone with hubby! I never realized how precious it was until the children came.

6. Are you and your Valentine romantically attuned? (Huh? I mean, do you have some need to express and receive romance?)
Yes, we are both romantics.

7. Is Valentines Day a non-event for you? If so, what, if any, romantic traditions replace it?
It is a non-event. We detest Hallmark days and think every day is a great time to express our love for each other.

8. What was the most romantic time you had with your Valentine? (Romance, not sex, guys!) [I am not certain that pointing out this distinction should necessarily be directed at the male of the species. But, be that as it may, it is probably best that we stay away from discussing things that require doing a load of laundry the next day. Ed.]
Don't laugh, but one of our first dates involved walking through a frozen swamp in the moonlight, including crawling through thickets on our hands and knees. He said he fell in love with me that night because I put on a warm hat. That really sounds unromantic but....I guess we are attuned romantically.

9. What do you and your Valentine find romantic that others wouldn't?
See answer above.

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