Saturday, February 26, 2005

Rose Order

Knock Out
This morning I wrote about delighting in the present as an antidote to cabin fever and this evening I ordered ten rose bushes in anticipation of spring. I've been considering Knock Out roses in the perennial border for some time due to their long bloom season, disease resistance, winter hips, and compact habit. I just didn't like the colors (and I wish they were more fragrant.) Finally last year they started selling a soft pink cultivar, Blushing Knock Out, which would complement the lavenders, yellows, whites and pinks in my garden. So I ordered it tonight. Well, "it" was actually ten bushes. I'll plant a few in the church garden but where am I going to put the rest? I think several would look lovely by the Perovskia atriplicifolia, partially line the walk with a few more and put the rest in the bed vacated by the English Ivy. ( Follow this obsession here, here, here and here). The new bed may not drain well enough for roses and I still have a cubic yard of dirt, stones and large roots to excavate.

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