Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Back Again

Hurrah! I finally accessed my site. I had to install Mozilla's Firefox to do it. So it may not have been my new computer and its privacy settings.

During our New Year's Eve midnight walk, Steve and I reviewed 2004 on a personal and family level and then discussed goals for 2005. While I'm not one to make a formal resolution list and I did not think about this for my 2005 goals, after almost three years on free blogger and blogspot, it is time for a change. Any suggestions for a fearless but time and budget-constrained intermediate PC user?

Here are my parameters:
  1. clean design reflecting blog content,
  2. categorize entries that seem to have evolved on this blog (mothering teenage boys, garden, nature, spiritual, cooking, misc)
  3. ease of use (entry and manage) which Blogger provides
  4. ability to post photos
  5. Add blogroll
  6. spam-free comments

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