Monday, January 17, 2005

Daily Stuff

Should I post when I have nothing to say? Probably not, but here it is anyway. Ricky's first show choir competition was last Saturday and they placed third. As rough as the routine was during dress rehearsal, this was a good placement. High enough to encourage them to work harder but low enough not to get complacent. My decluttering efforts were slowed down considerably when I decided to tackle files and accumulated papers, but I'm still plugging away on it. It is hovering above zero and the garden catalogs are arriving, so I'm dreaming of spring. I've volunteered for two jobs - another one at church and one for a local nonprofit that combats violence. I'm also exploring a writing workshop that will be taught by a friend so I hope I'm not spreading myself too thin. Finally my bathroom is coming along. The sinks are in. I bought some simple beveled oval mirrors which look great. I wanted something simple not to detract from the woodwork. Steve's still working on the bathtub enclosure and molding, but he also started a heavy semester of classes, so I may not see much progress in the near future. He did a lot of things around the house over Christmas, things that needed done but we got used to in our daily living. One thing we did was to switch the pantry cabinet and microwave cabinet (involving unscrewing from the wall), but the layout is much nicer and the refrigerator opens all the way. I still automatically head to the wrong cabinet, but I'm retraining myself.

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