Tuesday, January 25, 2005

ER Visit

ER Visit From Hell
While I was switching to my new computer and was blogless, we made a trip to the ER after Ricky's 3-day skiing trip to Caberfae Peaks in Michigan with a youth group. Ricky hurt his thumb in some type of tumble into a drainage ditch and the medics encouraged him to go to the ER when he got home. So off we headed, my twin sons and their overnight guest.

Ricky was vague about the incident but the thumb was definitely injured. I left Ron and his friend in the waiting room and accompanied Ricky back to the treatment room. The doctor was thorough but Ricky's vagueness led him to ask about head injuries. Now vague descriptions about an accident by a young teenager after three days of intense physical exercise, sleep deprivation and questionable nutrition is not something I was too concerned about, BUT on the way to the ER, Ricky rolled down his window because he felt "woozy." The CAT scan showed that he did have a brain and the thumb wasn't broken.

This sounds like an unremarkable visit, eh? Let's add this to the equation. Ron's friend has Tourette's Syndrome, and stress (like visits to the ER) causes vocal tics. "People with TS may involuntarily shout obscenities (coprolalia)" So all the while we were in the ER, this poor boy was shouting at the top of his lungs, "F--k! B-tch! M-sturbate! M-sturbate! S--k! Whore!"

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