Thursday, January 06, 2005


I sorted through the Christmas decorations after taking down the Christmas tree, tossing the detritus and sorting out a box for Goodwill. That, along with the nice bare spot the tree left, inspired me to tackle some other areas of my home that need decluttered. My plans went a little awry with the boys home for two days this week and a freelance job starting Monday, but I've made a good start.

So it was with real interest that I read Julie Leung's post "Less is More." I even followed the numerous links. Her bottom line hit home and has encouraged me to not falter in this, another attempt, to simplify my home so we can focus on each other.
All I want to accomplish is to love God, my family and people in my life. What I need to get done is whatever will help me have more energy, time and clarity for love. Less is more if less means more love in my life.
My posting was interrupted when Steve needed my help in the laundry room and I perused the linen closet where I've saved an outdated dust ruffle in a horrid color, a favorite slipcover with a rip to be mended and some horrific pilling, our very favorite comforter that is worn so thin that the stuffing is coming out (so it ended up in the cupboard and not the trash). I guess I better get going.

UPDATE: One of Julie's links took me to Barry Schwartz, who is the author of
"The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less", one the books my club is reading this year.

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Julie Leung said...

Wow, thanks. Thanks for reading that lengthy essay all the way to tne end! I hope we can encourage each other. I know you've encouraged me.