Friday, January 07, 2005

Clutter update

Decluttering Today
I'm taking this a little at a time (and using Julie's 15 minute plan but several times over). Two areas are now decluttered: the game drawers and the china hutch. This resulted in two bags of garbage and two boxes for Goodwill. The games are in a large cabinet under the living room bookshelves with four slide out drawers. The pieces are back in Battleship, the games outgrown or never played are in the Goodwill box and the games without all the pieces are in the trash. I have one completely empty drawer that I can now use for ... whatever.

I really shouldn't count the china hutch (handcrafted by hubby out of sassafras!) because I emptied the top of Christmas dishes and decided to replace it, not with my china, but with a collection of vases that were scattered around the house. I still need to tackle the bottom cabinets in which lurks not only antique china but junk I don't use and don't like.

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