Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Sons of a Carpenter

I-can-do-anything son
The boys inherited my PC which Ron promptly upgraded with a new operating system, more RAM and video card. The first hour he had it, his bedroom was strewn with computer pieces. The only problem was that it still didn't run the EA Sports 2005 games they got for Christmas. Ron was going to buy all sorts of stuff online to fix it, but I suggested we take it to Stone Computer whose service desk is totally awesome. (I was concerned about compatibility, a concept Ron wouldn't consider from his mother.) The tech hooked it up on all sorts of things, and tinkered with the video card until it worked. The whole time he was teaching Ron. And there was absolutely no service charge! Not a single hardware purchase, good counsel about upgrading an old computer and a working computer.

Ron also bought a computer desk for the new PC (he seems to forget that he shares it with his brother). It came in a box with a gazillion parts. He is in his bedroom putting it together right now. By himself...except he enlisted Ricky as a personal slave for the project. Now these boys are sons of a carpenter, a master craftsman, someone who disdains most manufactured furniture, let alone an assemble-it-yourself-desk made mostly of fiberboard. Their father had them using hand tools building boxes when they were six. He taught them how to use the lathe, the router, miter box and a multitude of saws. He's shared his secrets of sanding and finishing. And his proteges are putting together a desk in a box.

He's back there praising them right now. (He's the best!)

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