Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Let them eat bread
USA Today forecasts that Atkins will be a loser in 2005. While I know two men (and men seem to be more attracted to this red meat diet than women) who lost incredible amounts of weight on Atkins and while our grocery shelves are stocked with carb free products, I am located solidly (in more than one way) in the Midwest. We think Marilyn Monroe beats Kate Moss when it comes to body shapes. I think NE Indiana may be the only place that mashed potatoes are de rigeuer with chicken and noodles with a roll on the side. The more starch the better. So it was no surprise to me when a nationally known comedian with a gig at our church last November received no positive response when he asked the crowd who was on Atkins. He was nonplussed, the only time he stumbled in his whole delivery. I don't think it had ever happened to him before.

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